The LAE garden provides a teaching laboratory for a variety of courses dealing with ethnobotany. Lab classes in introductory ecological anthropology are held in the garden and students are provided with an overview of ethnobotany and ethnomedicine. In more advanced courses, instruction in ethnobiological classification is provided through detailed labelling of each plant that provides its indigenous names. Graduate students planning fieldwork in Latin America learn to recognize and name in a variety of indigenous languages the plants of ethnobotanical significance.

The faculty and students associated with garden are also developing interactive educational programs for the local community designed to promote the field of ethnobotany and the cultural significance of medicinal and other widely utilized plants. Educational programs are being developed that emphasize the importance of gaining experiential, hands-on knowledge of cultural and biological diversity. Modules can then be shared and modified for the other Sister Gardens.

Pinhole Photography Project

The majority of these garden views were taken with homemade "pinhole cameras" by UGA professor Mary Ruth Moore's beginning and intermediate photography students. Click on each detail for a larger version of the photo.

Virginia Bojack

Daniel Heury

Amy Allen

Adam Meador

Julia Harrington

Emily Pitts

Corn Growing Project