Sister Gardens

The Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden and UGA maintain agreements with several existing, developing, and proposed sister gardens throughout Latin America. Agreements involve research and design collaboration, exchange of faculty and students, and exchange of plant specimens. Visit the links below for information about each sister garden, and see the photograph to recognize some of the members of the network.

LAE Sister Gardens Project

Generous support from the Exposition Foundation of Atlanta Inc. facilitated the creation of Etnojardín, the Latin American Ethnobotanical Sister Gardens Network, established with the endorsement of the International Society of Ethnobiology and the Andean Mountains Association in October 2000.  A network workshop was also held in Guacimo, Costa Rica, in 2001, for the inauguration of our sister garden at EARTH University, where a framework of philosophical and organizational mechanism was developed.   Also, the network participated in a regional workshop in Cumanda, our sister garden in Ecuador, to discuss options of developing the "Sacred Route of the Condor" conservation initiative to link cultural and natural landscape features by using or sister gardens as focus points for the Route.  Future meetings include the inauguration of our sister garden Omora in Isla Navarino and the technical workshop in our sister garden at Huerta Grande, Argentina.

Miembros de la redEARTH inauguration