Sister Gardens
Jardín Botánico Dr. Miguel J. Culaciati
Huerta Grande, Córdoba, Argentina 
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Jardín Botánico Dr. Miguel J. Culaciati is located in the heart of the Sierras de Córdoba region, which is renowned in Argentina for its diversity of aromatic and medicinal herbs. Many inhabitants of this picturesque area, particularly those in rural communities, rely on wild-crafting of these herbs as a principal source of income. Nearly 100 species are collected and sold as medicinal teas, flavorings for beverages, and ingredients in cosmetics and other products. Indiscriminate collecting practices have reduced the supply of many species and further degraded an already deforested landscape. Individuals and government organizations have expressed interest in developing horticultural production of these herbs, as well as improved collecting practices, in an effort to promote rural development and plant conservation. The Jardín Botánico is collaborating with faculty, students, and staff at the University of Georgia to develop programs and plant collections in support of these goals. 

The display collections of the Jardín Botánico occupy 2.5 hectares in the town of Huerta Grande and consist primarily of exotic ornamentals. In addition, the Jardín Botánico manages a nearby 10 hectare ecological reserve, Cascada de Oláen. The Jardín offers conservation education and organic gardening programs for local residents, farmers, and schoolchildren. It receives financial support through the Fundación Botánica Conservacionista Argentina, a legally established foundation created in Argentina to support the Jardín. 

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