Sister Gardens
Jardín Etnobotánico San Pedro Alejandrino
Santa Marta, Colombia

This sister garden is planned as part of initiatives proposed in the Sustainable Development Plan of the Sierra Nevada, which has caught the interest of various stakeholders, including the co-sponsoring institution, the Fundacion Pro-Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Also involved are the Government of el Magdalena, the University of el Magdalena, the Bolivarian Museum of Contemporaneous Art, and the San Pedro Alejandrino's Quinta.

Although the plan of this ethnobotanical garden is to include species found in traditional indigenous territory of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, there have been no formal consultations yet with indigenous organizations or groups. Indigenous knowledge, intellectual property rights, and ex-situ cultivation of plants in the mythology Cogi will be studied as well as other projects on the ethnoecology of mountains.