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Jardín Etnobotánico y Medicinal 
Escuela de Agricultura de la Región Tropical Húmeda 
Costa Rica    
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There is also a sister garden being developed in Costa Rica in collaboration with EARTH University, an agricultural regional college established by US AID. The garden project involves exchange of faculty and students of both universities, as well as expanding and redesigning the medicinal plant garden at EARTH. This collection features medicinal plants that grow well in the humid tropical lowlands of Costa Rica and tropical America at large. It is a teaching garden where students learn how to identify, propigate, cultivate, and use medicinal plants.  

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The plan for the garden at EARTH follows goals similar to the garden at UGA, using available material and local construction techniques, and emphasizing an organically shaped planting area, benches, and paved areas. The first exchange student from EARTH College began work in Athens in the fall semester of 1999, developing and producing consistent labeling for plant material in both gardens. Our second intern is assisting in technical translation and scientific publication.