Sister Gardens
Jardín Etnobotánico Comunitario
Pisac Valley, Cusco, Peru 

An LAE sister garden is being proposed in the Pisac valley in order to offer options for environmental education, conservation of agrodiversity, and reaffirmation of cultural values associated with potato cultivation as well as the rich tradition of Andean herbalism and medicinal utilization of plants. Following LAE's design principles, we want to recycle as much material as possible, and in this case, reconstruct and rehabilitate the old terraces and stone works of the valley to offer an appropriate setting for the garden. 

Our collaborators are members of ANDES, a non-governmental organization of Quechua and Aymara indigenous representatives, as well as representatives from the Indigenous Peoples Biodiversity Network. We want to emphasize the value of women traditional knowledge in biodiversity and the use of heirlooms and female oriented natural heritage for cultural conservation.